EASY ED: The many faces of Ed Daquioag

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 16, 2015 04:10 PM
EASY ED: The many faces of Ed Daquioag
Can Ed Daquioag smile? We take a look.

Ed Daquioag has been a revelation for the UST Growling Tigers in the UAAP Season 78.

And now with the Tigers wrapping up the top seed entering the Final Four, it can be safe to say that it has been a job well done for Daquioag, well at least part of it considering that they still need three wins to capture UST's 19th basketball title.

However, aside from his excellent play that is built around strength and the ability to slash the opposing defense, Daquioag has been known this season for his perpetual game face.

Don't believe us? Behold, the many faces of Ed Daquioag.

Here is Daquioag casually bringing the ball up the floor. Game face on. No time to smile.

Now take a look at Ed, all business while leading the break for UST.

Daquioag has been cool, calm and collected for the Tigers, even if they are down big.

Daquioag's face says it all. He wants to drive past the defense and score.

And he did. This was probably a sure two points but still no smile though.

Ed is just laser-focused.

Double team? No smile, no problem.

This is the most Ed Daquioag photo all season.

Basketball is so easy for Ed and the Tigers swept FEU for the top seed that he finally managed to smile while taking a jump shot.

Save this photo folks. It's a rare opportunity.

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