BIG MAC: The many faces of Mac Belo

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 17, 2015 04:54 PM
BIG MAC: The many faces of Mac Belo
Somebody tell Mac Belo it's okay to show a little emotion.

If there is one player that perfectly represents how methodical and machine-like the FEU Tamaraws are when they dismantle opponents in UAAP Season 78, it has to be Mac Belo.

The guy just comes in, does his job, win and move on.

He does not show any emotion even when the Tamaraws orchestrate their signature fourth-quarter beatdowns on teams who thought they could steal one from FEU.

We already know Ed Daquioag can smile, but is Mac Belo capable of showing any emotion at all?

Well let us see in the many faces of Big Mac Belo.

Here is Belo, all serious as he only wants to get to the hoop and convert for FEU.

Now check him out here, leading the break for the Tamaraws. It almost looks like he's bored sometimes.

And here he is, flashing some sort of expression but still very much stoic.

Oh is that a smile we see from Mac Belo? Probably not. No it's not a smile, not a chance.

Yeah Mac Belo is not showing any emotion any time soon.

But hey, maybe if the Tamaraws win the UAAP title Belo can at least try to show us that elusive smile or something. 

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