MAKE 'EM PROUD: Jarvey Gayoso is giving Ateneo football fans something to be excited about

Santino Honasan on Mar 11, 2016 06:21 PM
MAKE 'EM PROUD: Ateneo's Jarvey Gayoso
"I fell in love with the sport. It felt so natural when I kick a ball, when I pass, and when I play.” - Jarvey Gayoso

If you’ve chanced upon an Ateneo men’s football game in the UAAP this season, you’d easily make the assumption that rookie Jarvey Gayoso is the most popular player on the team, with fans cheering his name the loudest.

If you’ve seen the on the pitch, then it’s safe to assume that it won’t be long before he becomes the face of Ateneo football.

In just his first seven games as a member of the men’s team, Jarvey leads the Blue Eagles in scoring with four conversions and is slowly getting into the flow of his role as the team’s designated striker. It wasn’t smooth from the get-go though, as the kid said that there was indeed a bit of pressure on him.

“Oh definitely, it adds on to a lot of the pressure, because I feel that a lot is expected of me and a lot are looking for the best picture that they have of me. That’s what happened to me in the first game, coming into the season, it got me nervous because of that expectation.” Jarvey told ABS-CBN Sports.

Jarvey has already shown flashes of brilliance in his young UAAP career. From being an able facilitator to a natural scorer, it’s pretty clear that the kid will go places, and with just half a season under his belt so far, he’s still got quite the journey ahead of him.

Before he gets any more popular though, why don’t we get to know the kid a bit more?

For starters, the Gayoso name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re like the author, who’s pushing 30 (or older) and used to watch a lot of Pinoy basketball back in the day, then one other Gayoso comes to mind, none other than “Mr. Adrenaline” himself, former Ginebra sharpshooter Jayvee Gayoso, who happens to be Jarvey’s dad.

Unfortunately though, Jarvey never got to see his dad play anymore, as the former PBA standout retired just about the time he was born.

“He retired I believe a year after, or the year that I was born. Oh yeah, I’ve heard stories, and there are a few clips that they have on Youtube, so I’ve seen them. “

So why not follow in dad’s footsteps and play basketball though?

 “I was introduced to football when I was in preschool, and it never really crossed my mind that because my dad was a basketball player, I had to play basketball too. “ Jarvey told ABS-CBN Sports.

According to Jarvey, he was four years old when he started playing, and instantly, he knew that this was what he wanted to do. “It was In school, I learned about the [football] and I wanted to try because it seemed interesting, so my mom took me to a football club and I started playing, and from then on, I fell in love with the sport. It felt so natural when I kick a ball, when I pass, and when I play.”

If you look deeper into Jarvey’s lineage though, his affinity with football shouldn’t come as a surprise.

His maternal grandfather is none other than Pinoy athletic legend Ed Ocampo, who excelled in both football AND basketball. Ocampo was heralded by sportswriters as “Mr. Football” back in the mid-50’s, when he was just 17 years old. Throughout the rest of his sporting career though, Ocampo led Ateneo to back-to-back men’s basketball titles in the NCAA and was a regular member of the men’s national basketball team from 1960 to 1971. He then went on to win championships in the PBA as a coach and was inducted to the PBA Hall of Fame in 1993.This was after he was named Mr. Football, back when he was 17-years old. I did mention that, right?

It doesn’t end there, as one of Jarvey's uncles, Alvin Ocampo, was also a former national football team member, and currently serves as an assistant coach for the DLSU men’s football team, under Hans Peter Smit.

So, yeah, excellence is pretty much in Jarvey’s genes.

For Jarvey, his passion about football goes beyond the game itself.

” I believe that the best thing about football is the experience that I get from it, like the discipline and the physical fitness. I believe that there’s more to the game than just football, and considering the mental aspect and the physical part of football, I think that’s the best part.”

Jarvey has the background, the skill, and most importantly, the passion for the game. We could very well be looking at the kid that leads the Ateneo blue booters back to the promised land of UAAP Men’s Football. 

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