Three very millennial ways to cheer for your favorite UAAP team

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 24, 2016 11:49 AM
Three ways to cheer for your favorite UAAP team
Itís UAAP volleyball finals again!†Students, itís time to go beyond your usual cheers and hurrahs!

And as UAAP season 78 continues to wow everyone with its gripping face-offs and close games, avid fans and students alike are surely going crazy hunting for ideas to express their support to these competing teams.

Want to go beyond your usual cheers and hurrahs? These millennial ways might just be what you need to step up your cheering game!

Say it with a witty shirt.

Think school shirts – but better! Instead of simply wearing your school color and logo, upgrade your shirts look by adding striking and witty statements. Don’t just unleash your inner sport junkie; bring out your inner creativity as well.

Say it during your Twitter party.

Let your school spirit be felt even outside the court. Tweet encouraging messages along with your playful hashtags. Your inspirational convos may even regain the strength of your school players after a long and tiring game.

Say it with a sticker.

Level up your group chat experience with your friends when inviting them to a game. But forget the usual emojis to express what you feel. Make your chat more exciting by using the Viber Smart School Fun sticker pack! With this, you can now play with cool UAAP themed stickers about sports and student life. Plus, it’s FREE so your wallet can relax. Download it now at or visit the Viber Sticker Market!

Time to skip the typical school yells, tarpaulins, and live bands to encourage your fave team. Kick your school spirit up a notch and make UAAP 78 a season to remember!

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