Who's inspiring Lady Spiker Mika Reyes?

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 28, 2016 06:37 PM
Who's inspiring Lady Spiker Mika Reyes?
Ah, wala, wala, wala! -- DLSU middle Mika Reyes when asked if anyone is courting her right now

De La Salle middle blocker Mika Reyes has been playing above her average performance in the elimination round.

Yes, maybe because the Lady Spikers are in the championship round for the eighth straight year and a win away from reclaiming the crown in the 78th UAAP women’s volleyball.

Or maybe because it’s DLSU against its bitter rival Ateneo de Manila going at each other’s throat in the Finals for the fifth year in a row and in her final playing year.

But it could also mean that she’s playing better because of someone.

The dangerous frontline attacker and defender averaged 8.9 points in the elimination round but when her average jumped to 13.5 in the first two games of the best-of-three Finals series.

The mestiza stunner blushed when asked by some reporters if anyone is courting her. 

“Ah, wala, wala, wala,” a laughing Reyes said.

But rumors are circulating that a Kapamilya host is seriously pursuing the very much available young lady.

That guy even had to rush to the Big Dome last Saturday to catch Mika’s game after his flight from Boracay was delayed.

Asked if he is really courting Reyes, the Kapamilya host just gave a hanging answer.     

“Basta, sa takdang panahon (sasabihin ko rin). Kayo unang makakaalam,” he said.

Now, who could be that ONE?

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