Who was the Phenom’s first ever volleyball coach?

Santino Honasan on May 08, 2016 06:40 PM
Who was the Phenom’s first ever volleyball coach?
Who was it that helped transform Alyssa Valdez into one of the country's best volleyball players today?

All the greats had to learn from somewhere.

Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao, Leo Messi, all of them, had someone teach them how to become good basketball player, or boxer, or football player.

Naturally, it’s the same thing with our favorite collegiate athletes, like say Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng, who learned how to pick up a basketball from their PBA player dads.

So, who was Alyssa Valdez’ first ever volleyball coach?

Who taught the (now former) Ateneo Lady Eagles star how to play the game that has made her arguably one of the most popular Pinoy athletes today?

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we got a chance to talk to The Phenom herself, and ask her about some of her favorite memories with her mom, Lita, when she told shared with us this little tidbit of information.

“When I was a kid, when I was playing volleyball, it was my mom talaga who pushed me. Siya talaga yung first ever coach ko, as in, legit first ever coach ko.” Alyssa told ABS-CBN Sports.

Alyssa also said that her mom, who used to play varsity volleyball in Batangas as well, was the one who encouraged her to keep playing, even though Daddy Ruel didn’t allow it.

“Dun kami nag-kakasundo talaga, kasi my dad won’t allow me before to play outside or play volleyball, it was my mom who would tell me na ‘Go, go lang.’ no matter what.”

Aha! So it was Mommy Lita all along! It was Mommy Lita who helped ignite the flame that has driven Alyssa to two UAAP championships, three MVP titles, and countless other accolades.

And while Alyssa has become one of the best volleyball players in the country, she still looks to her parents and her family, but this time as a source of strength to keep going.

“Everytime, kunyari I’m really frustrated, or I’m really down, I’m gonna look for my family sa crowd to calm myself down. They’re an extra source of energy eh.”

Now that her career in the UAAP is over, Alyssa has stated that she’ll be playing in the V-League, so every time that she goes up for a spike or scores on a service ace, remember that it was Mommy Lita who helped transform Alyssa into the star that she is today. 

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