Pumaren building a nourishing nest for young, but hungry Falcons

Paul Lintag on Aug 26, 2016 07:11 PM
Pumaren building a nourishing nest for young, hungry Falcons
SOARING, FLYING. Franz Pumaren is all set to take Adamson to greater heights.


YES, THEY’RE STILL HERE: Dawn Ochea, Pape Sarr, Jaydee Tungcab

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY: Franz Pumaren (coach), Jerrick Ahanmisi, Rob Manalang

GOOD LUCK ON FUTURE ENDEAVORS: Mike Fermin (coach), Joseph Nalos

Season 78 was a time of transition for the Adamson Falcons.

Season 79 is now a time to fully set the foundation for the future that hopefully includes a UAAP championship.

Maybe even multiple UAAP championships.

Still sporting most of the young core the Falcons fielded last year, Adamson has brought it a star-studded lineup on the sidelines led by head coach Franz Pumaren together with Ren-ren Ritualo and Don Allado.

The Falcons appear to be taking the change well and Adamson hopes to see some results on the basketball court soon.

“We're a totally different team now from when we took over in January. However, we still have a long way to go,” assistant coach Allado told ABS-CBN Sports.

"Our system, it has a high degree of difficulty but once achieved a lot of things can happen for us. The kids are slowly learning, they are slowly progressing and you know, at this point in time that's all we want," he added.

While the team's young squad may look like a disadvantage in the UAAP, Adamson sees it as a positive as the new coaching staff is looking to reinvent the culture surrounding the Falcons.

You know, after the young malleable squad gets over the fact that they have many-time UAAP champions calling the shots now.

"We're fairly young," Allado said. "We only have one senior and the rest are either in their second year or first year so roles are being established now and they are defining it for us, we're only there to guide them."

Dawn Ochea returns as the lone senior and has been tasked with the role of team captain for Adamson.

The promising duo of Pape Sarr and Jaydee Tungcab also return for a second campaign with Adamson while Jerrick Ahanmisi, the younger brother of recent PBA champion Maverick, leads the intriguing class of new Falcons for Season 79.
And just because the Falcons are young, it doesn't mean that the team can't act like pros while trying to establish a new identity in the UAAP.

"We're trying to change the culture, we're trying to change the habits and we're trying to give a certain degree of professionalism on how to approach the game, so that's what we wanna establish with these young guys," Allado said.

Expectations are still fairly low for Adamson however, it does not mean that the teams can assume a victory everytime they see the Falcons on their schedule.

"We're not gonna give out any number of wins or playoff predictions. I just want those guys to go out there and play hard, play to the best of their abilty and do the things that we ask them to do," Allado said.

"Our team, we're looking to surprise some teams," he added.


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