Perasol giving Maroons reason to ‘Bo-lieve’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 27, 2016 06:26 PM
Perasol giving Maroons reason to ‘Bo-lieve’
BO-LIEVE. Bo Perasol has already instilled a winning attitude in UP, if the Maroons themselves are to be believed.

Asked how many head coaches he has had in his time in the University of the Philippines, Jett Manuel answered candidly.

“Parang one per year ata e,” he expressed.

Indeed, in the five years he has been a Maroon, he has played under Aboy Castro, Ricky Dandan, Boyet Fernandez, Rey Madrid, and Rensy Bajar.

And now in his fifth and final season, the 23-year-old will be mentored by Bo Perasol. Ergo, he was telling the truth – that’s one head coach per year.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jett Manuel has been in UP for six years because he was skipped a couple of seasons to train abroad. )

That’s a lot of turnover for a team that has struggled to find any sort of success.

In Manuel’s mind, however, Diliman’s latest hire is definitely not the least. As he put it, “I’m not taking away anything from the other coaches, but he’s definitely a good fit. He knows how to utilize all the players.”

The biggest difference, according to the captain of the Maroons, has been Perasol’s ability to instill confidence because of his track record. “He knows how to win. He’s teaching us that it’s not just X’s and O’s and he knows what to tell us so we would understand how to win,” he said.

He then continued, speaking glowingly about the shot-caller who knows something about winning with an underrated team like Powerade back in the PBA and even Ateneo de Manila University in the UAAP, “I’ve been in UP for a while now, but I’m still learning a lot on how to win.”

Third-year player Diego Dario, who could now also say that he had played for one head coach per year, could only agree. “Coach Bo has been different because he is a pro-active coach. He focuses on the solutions more than the problems,” he said.

Without a doubt, the new head coach already has the ear of his players. “It’s difficult for him to come from a winning school in Ateneo and then coming here, but from what I can say, he’s comfortable with it. The adjustment wasn’t really a big problem for all of us,” Manuel said.


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