Aroga says he will play through left ankle injury if needed

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 07, 2016 08:34 PM
Aroga says he will play through left ankle injury if needed
STANDING TALL. Alfred Aroga is more than willing to sacrifice for NU.

National University was under siege all game long by pressure-packing University of the East on Wednesday.

That was until Alfred Aroga bailed them out by delivering 10 of his 16 points in the final frame, including three in the last 94 seconds. “Alfred was there when we needed him the most,” an appreciative coach Eric Altamirano expressed in his post-game conference.

The Bulldogs’ hulking Cameroonian almost wasn’t there when they needed him the most, however, after he fell to the floor twice in the last two minutes. The latter time, he stepped on a player’s ankle, fell awkwardly, and took longer to get up.

Still, Aroga stood once more and remained on the court. “I got injured again, but it’s not an excuse,” he said after the game.”

Nonetheless, NU’s man in the middle admitted that his left ankle was hurting. As he put it, “It’s really painful. It’s more than the average pain.”

The faithful over at Sampaloc need not worry, however, as Aroga assured them that it was nothing serious. “I just have to rest it. It’s okay lang,” he said.

And when team doctors tell him he would need to sit out, the 24-year-old would have this to say to them, “Even if I have to (sit out), I would try not to. I would force (to play).”

When that does happen, Aroga said everybody shouldn’t expect another high-scoring game out of him. “I was just lucky to score, but my mindset is to be a leader,” he said.

He then continued, “Just to make it clear, my role in the team is not to score. I’m one of the leaders and what I tell the guys all the time is, ‘I want you guys to shine.’”


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