UP coach Perasol: ‘We’re fortunate to get one win’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 01, 2016 07:43 PM
UP coach Perasol: ‘We’re fortunate to get one win’
SILVER LININGS. Bo Perasol said UP is actually lucky just to have one mark on the win column.

The University of the Philippines is not at the bottom of the standings.

The Fighting Maroons are seventh out of eight teams after ending the first round with a 1-6 win-loss record.

That standing is par for the course for long-suffering State U, but that is actually a good thing, if coach Bo Perasol is to be believed. As he put it, “I was so afraid that we were going to end up 0-7. We’re fortunate to get one win.”

He then continued, “I hope that we can get some more in the second round.”

If UP is to grant the wish of their coach, they need to step up onto another level. “Yung normal game namin, lumalaban pero natatalo. Ang challenge ko, nandyan na rin naman e, bakit ‘di pa natin iangat ng isa,” Perasol said.

He also added, “I told them that’s what happens if we just be ourselves. We’re gonna lose many games.”

Perasol, as he is wont to do, then went on to use metaphors to definitely describe the struggle the Maroons are going through. “Isang hump na lang, ‘di pa makuha. Parang boiling water na 100 degrees, 99 degrees na tayo, ba’t ‘di pa natin sindihan yung mga pwet natin,” he said.

Nonetheless, the first-year shot-caller of Diliman took full responsibility for their 1-6 record. “I wanted to get so angry, but at the end of the day, they’re my accountability. What they play is a reflection of what I do to them,” he said.

He then continued, keeping the hopes up for State U, “My job is to push them a little bit more. We have eight more games, baka makaisa o dalawa o tatlo pa kami.”


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