TATTOO TALES: Mama Mbala not a fan of 'Big Ben's' ink

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 25, 2016 08:55 PM
TATTOO TALES: Mama Mbala not a fan of 'Big Ben's' ink
REQUESTING PERMISSION. "Big Ben's" next tattoo will first have to have the blessing of his mama.

Ben Mbala is never one to shy away from professing his pride.

From his social media handle “thekidfromCameroon” to his on-court shows of force and their succeeding celebrations, De La Salle University’s man in the middle is nothing but proud of who he is and where he came from.

Mbala’s pride doesn’t stop there, however, and is actually embedded right on his muscle-bound frame – we just don’t get to see them often because they are lying underneath his jersey and arm sleeve.

Coming from the Green Archers’ powerhouse himself: “I have three tattoos – one on my left hand and two on my chest. The one on my left hand is Jesus on the cross because I’m a Catholic and I really believe in God.”

He then continued, “You know, you can’t achieve anything in this world without God having your back.”

Don’t stop there, Ben. “The one on the left side of my chest is a lion because I’m from Cameroon and that represents my country. I feel like every time I go inside the court, I have to feel like a lion,” he shared.

He then continued, “The one on the right side of my chest is simply Africa because I’m from there. I cannot forget about my roots.”

Obviously, all of Mbala’s ink was caused by his passion for anything and everything that made him who he is today. As he put it, “You always have to take pride of where you came from. I feel like if I wasn’t from (Cameroon), I wouldn’t be playing basketball right now.”

He then continued, “Growing up in a place where people are tall and muscly, I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m like this.”

Those three tattoos wouldn’t be the end of it, if “Big Ben” had his way. He’s looking to add more – perhaps, the next one relating to DLSU who may very well be on their way to a historic season.

“Yes, I’m planning to get some more,” he expressed.

He was quick to add, however, “But I still have to talk about it with my mom about it to be honest. She really wasn’t happy about the ones on my chest so we still have to talk about that.”


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