AVO not surprised Mbala’s putting up monster numbers

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 04, 2016 07:36 PM
AVO not surprised Mbala’s putting up monster numbers
GOT YOUR BACK. Arnod Van Opstal had helped Ben Mbala work on becoming the hands-down frontrunner for MVP.

He may be a six-foot-eight Filipino-German, but Arnold Van Opstal is very much just like the rest of us.

Asked about the UAAP’s MVP frontrunner in Ben Mbala, the new San Miguel big man expressed, “I think he’s just incredibly strong. If he gets you on a quick move, you won’t be able to recover because his strength is too much.”

He then continued, “As we see now, he’s a monster.”

Yes, that’s the same sort of thing we have all been saying while we’re bearing witness to the Cameroonian’s dominance.

Van Opstal and Mbala played together in De La Salle University from 2013 to 2014. While they were unable to share the floor in the UAAP, they definitely went at it during practices.

And the rookie Beerman said all those moments akin to clashes of titans will only help him in his professional career. “Ben, going against him in practices, it’s like going against June Mar (Fajardo), right? He pushed me to my limits,” he said.

He then continued, “Every single practice, I’d be going hard at him, he’d be going hard at me. We’d get into arguments, get into fights.”

The faithful over at Taft Avenue need not worry though as Van Opstal was quick to add, “It was all good after, but during practices, it was really heated (between us).”

In the end, all those intense showdowns just proved Mbala’s worth to Van Opstal. As he shared, “Even then, I knew that as soon as this guy entered the league, he’s gonna dominate because he doesn’t back down from anyone. He doesn’t have fear – that’s just his attitude.”

That attitude may tick off some people, but the ex-Archer only defended his former teammate. “He thinks he’s the best so he projects that. He really believes he’s the best player and some people might say that’s arrogant and cocky,” he said.

He then continued, “But when you are the best player, is it really arrogant and cocky?”


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