Don’t wake Pumaren, upstart Adamson from ‘living the dream’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 09, 2016 09:53 PM
Don’t wake Pumaren, upstart Adamson from ‘living the dream’
YOU MIGHT SAY. Adamson's arrival in the playoffs is earlier than scheduled, according to coach Franz Pumaren.

When the final buzzer sounded on Wednesday at the MOA Arena, Adamson University seemed like a squad that just won the championship.

Almost, if not all, of the Soaring Falcons threw their hands in the air and more than a few of them even rushed onto the middle of the court.

And why wouldn’t they? San Marcelino will be cheering in the Final Four for the first time since 2011.

In the post-win interview, coach Franz Pumaren, bright and beaming even before he entered the press room, expressed, “I think right now, we’re living the dream.”

Rookie Robbie Manalang could only echo his coach’s statement. “I’m at a loss for words. Ever since I got here, I knew that their basketball history wasn’t that great and I really wanted to change that and be part of something great,” he said

Making Adamson’s breakthrough all the more meaningful is that, in his eyes, no one expected this. As he put it, “I feel that we surprised a lot of (people) because we were able to fast-track everything. In the preseason, we were looking at 2017 and this year, we just wanted to be competitive.”

He then continued, “But I guess my players, they want to attend the advance party.”

Pumaren then lauded all of his players for giving themselves into his system. “They were able to accept and embrace what they were supposed to do and that’s why we’re here,” he expressed.

Indeed, every one from super rookies Jerrick Ahanmisi and Robbie Manalang to old reliables Papi Sarr and Jaydee Tungcab have a role to play in the Falcons’ return to relevance. Nothing but satisfied, their mentor doesn’t want this to be the end of it just yet as he said, “If I’m dreaming right now, I hope I don’t wake up.”

He then continued, “We’re living the dream and we’ll continue the dreaming. We’re in a situation where there’s a possibility that we can create a tie for the second spot, why now?”


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