MANUEL’S ‘SWEET FAREWELL’: Half of Araneta in maroon

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 13, 2016 09:36 PM
MANUEL’S ‘SWEET FAREWELL’: Half of Araneta in maroon
STILL SWEET. Jett Manuel was nothing but happy to see the Diliman community very much in attendance in his farewell game.

Before the last game of his collegiate career, always the team leader, Jett Manuel said, “The only thing that’s gonna give me that sweet farewell is a win.”

Unfortunately for the University of the Philippines, the University of the East had other plans.

Still, when the final buzzer sounded on his time as a Fighting Maroon, the 23-year-old said he had for himself not just that sweet farewell, but the sweetest farewell. As he put it, “The sweetest farewell was seeing those supporters together and supporting the team.”

With their men’s basketball team’s best showing in a long while, the school spirit is now very much alive and well for State U.

That newfound level of support was something Manuel rarely experienced in his five years donned in maroon and white. That newfound level of support was something Manuel made sure to savor in his final time donned in maroon and white.

“Midway through the fourth quarter and I was sitting on the bench, I was looking around and grabe yung support. This was the first time I saw the Araneta (Coliseum) wearing maroon,” the graduating guard shared. “I’m just thankful about that. It’s really big for the UP community.”

While he is too humble to admit it, Manuel’s contribution in the return to relevance of UP was pointed out by head coach Bo Perasol. “I told Jett that without his help, we wouldn’t be able achieve this feat,” he expressed.

Jett Manuel will no longer play for the UP Fighting Maroons, but he urges the Diliman community to continue, if not even improve upon, their already well and alive school spirit. “I just hope that they continue to support the team next year and the years to come. I will be part to support them,” he expressed.


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