Already Most Improved, Go looking to get even better

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Dec 09, 2016 03:09 PM
Already Most Improved, Go looking to get even better
BETTER THAN BETTER. Isaac Go is looking forward to being in the middle of more big-time battles.

After getting swept by their archrivals, Ateneo de Manila University’s Isaac Go was still all smiles.

But that’s how the gentle giant always is, anyway.

Cheerful in his chat with reporters post-game, he said, “The loss was hard, but right now, looking back, we had a great season. It was not the ending we wanted, but overall, we achieved a lot.”

He then continued, “At the start of the season, people were counting us out. Looking at how where we are, we’ve come so far.”

No one among the Blue Eagles, or even among all players in the league, has come as far as Go has – and he has a trophy to show for it.

Recognized as the season’s Most Improved Player, the second-year center is now a key cog in a young yet hungry Ateneo outfit. “I didn’t expect to be where I am right now. At the start of the year, we had G-Boy (Babilonia) and (Chibueze) Ikeh still,” he shared.

Indeed, in the first round, Go took a backseat to the likes of Babilonia, Ikeh, and even Kris Porter. When Babilonia got injured and neither Ikeh nor Porter could hold down the fort, however, it was he who came through.

With averages of 6.6 points, 4.9 rebounds in 13.9 minutes at the end of the year compared to his per game counts of two points and two rebounds in 6.7 minutes in the first round, there is no denying that the 20-year-old deserved his award. “The way I’ve been playing is just because of the trust my teammates had in me, the coaching staff had in me. I just repaid their trust by trusting the system,” he said.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s the end of it for his improvement, however. Asked what to expect from him the next time around, he answered, “I think, the first one I have to work on would be my body. We don’t know what coach Tab’s (Baldwin) plans are next year so might as well get my body ready.”


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