Who is Queen Falcon Jema Galanza's source of strength?

ABS-CBN Sports on Mar 10, 2017 06:32 PM
Who is Queen Falcon Jema Galanza's source of strength?
"Kailangan ko tapusin 'yung sinimulan ko." -- Queen Falcon Jema Galanza

Heading into the season, a lot of expectations have been stapled to the Adamson Lady Falcons because of their all-female coaching staff composed of former UAAP stars, and American coach Airess Padda, and of course, because of their hard-hitting captain, Jema Galanza.

But more than a month into the tournament, the Lady Falcons have yet to notch a win, having lost eight in as many matches, tallying a single set win and getting steamrolled each outing, the likelihood to crumble under the pressure must be immense.

But no, it isn't at all, for Galanza, at least.

In the short clip below, Jema shares how she's able to take her on-court struggles in stride, especially following her sister's untimely passing.

Jema reminds us all of the combined beauty and power of sisterhood, that can withstand the pains of loss and absence,  "Dapat mas lalo kayong lumaban kasi mas masaya siya pag nakikita kayong lumalaban," she says.


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