Roger Gorayeb fires back at social media haters: "Nagmamarunong lang sila"

Santino Honasan on Apr 08, 2017 05:33 PM
Gorayeb fires back at haters:
"Marami diyan sa gilid-gild, nagmamarunong lang sila hindi naman nila alam yung game talaga e." - NU head coach Roger Gorayeb addressing his social media haters.

National University head coach Roger Gorayeb has never been one to hold back with his comments, which in turn has drawn the ire of fans on social media. 

Whether it be regarding his coaching style or his comments about not allowing his players to join the national team, it's safe to say that Coach Roger isn't popular among volleyball-watching netizens. 

After their season-ending loss to University of Santo Tomas, Saturday, Gorayeb once again let loose, firing back at people who have called him out online. 

"Marami diyan sa gilid-gild, nagmamarunong lang sila hindi naman nila alam yung game talaga e." said Gorayeb. "They only criticize you based on the performance, pero sana yung nagcicriticize sana nandito sila, nagchicheer sila, pumapalakpak." 

Gorayeb went on to say that the number of people who choose to criticize him on social media outnumber those who are actually in the arena, supporting the Lady Bulldogs. 

"Konti na lang nagchicheer sa NU, pero magbasa ka sa social media kulang silang isang libo tumitira sa amin. Pero pumunta ka dito wala naman sila dito."

"Okay lang sa akin di ko sila papansinin kasi maganda naman tinakbo ng laro namin eh," Gorayeb added, saying that he was more or less happy with how the Lady Bulldogs played in Season 79, even touching on the fact that they were the only team to beat finals contenders Ateneo twice this season. "Hindi naman kami ginulpi ng lahat, kami nga lang nakatalo sa Ateneo eh."

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