Jett Manuel’s ‘perfect’ mother’s day gift: An engineering license

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on May 14, 2017 08:01 PM
Manuel’s ‘perfect’ mother’s day gift: An engineering license
ALL FOR YOU. Jett Manuel hugged his mother for a long time right after they learned he had become a licensed engineer. (Photo and video courtesy of Jett Manuel)

Some give flowers and some give chocolates.

Some treat to lunch or dinner and some cook at home.

Not a lot of people can gift their mothers something as special as what Jett Manuel had for his mamita on Mother’s Day, however.

As bared late last Thursday, the now-graduated captain of the University of the Philippines men’s basketball team passed the civil engineering board exam.

So overcome with emotion was Manuel that he had to share it with someone else.

And of course, he shared it with the person who has always stood by him – his mamita Lia.

Coming three days before Mother’s Day, the 24-year-old said he was nothing but happy to be able to gift his mother with the unparalleled joy of having a son with “Engineer” affixed to his name. “She said it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift,” he shared.

He then continued, “I want her to know that me passing the board exam is more for her than it is for me.”

Manuel then went on to say that their embrace was for both of their dreams turning into reality – Jett for becoming an engineer and mamita Lia for having a son who is an engineer. “She was just expressing how proud and happy she was for me. Then after, she was explaining na as parents, all they want is for us to be secure and stable in life,” he said.

He then continued, “So I’m just so happy I was able to give her that.”

And on Mother’s Day, the pride of Diliman wanted to send a shoutout to the most important woman in his life:

“My message for her is: Hello Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Surprise! Haha. Today is supposed to be the day where we (dad and my brothers) show our appreciation for you as a mother. We all know you do one helluva great job at it. But it shouldn’t be just today, it should be everyday! I love you, mom. Please never change and always know that we will love you ‘til the end of time.”


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