Ahanmisi out to prove he should have been Rookie of the Year

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 31, 2017 05:28 PM
Ahanmisi out to prove he should have been Rookie of the Year
CHIP ON THE SHOULDER. Jerrick Ahanmisi has extra fuel for his fire after having been overlooked yet again.

Jerrick Ahanmisi was, without a doubt, the most consistently impressive first-year player a season ago.

Having averaged 13.1 points on 43.7 percent shooting on top of 3.1 rebounds and 1.9 assists, Adamson University’s top gun was also the top newcomer in terms of Statistical Points (SPs) with 44.5.

That should have been more than enough for him to be named Rookie of the Year.

According to league rules, however, Ahanmisi wasn’t a true freshman. “Adamson notified us that Jerrick stopped for one year before entering college,” board member Edwin Reyes said then.

And thus, the Filipino-Nigerian was ineligible for the award which ultimately went to Aljun Melecio who had 36.6 SPs to his name.

Fast forward a year later, Ahanmisi still hasn’t forgotten what should have been. As he put it, “Honestly, I didn’t feel too good about it.”

He then paused for a while before continuing, “But all I could do is just keep working hard and prove everybody wrong.”

Asked if what happened will place another chip on his shoulder, he answered, “I think so, I think so. Because I didn’t win (Rookie of the Year), I feel I should have a new chip on my shoulder.”

Before landing in San Marcelino, the now 19-year-old tried out for several schools and was turned back.

Now, he is one of the faces of the resurgent Soaring Falcons.

And he only vows to be even better in his second season. “Hopefully, you’ll still see more of the same. But also, hopefully, there’s also more of creating for my teammates,” he said.

Along with his personal goals, Ahanmisi is nothing but determined to bring Adamson into the Finals. “Our first goal is to get to the Final Four. After we do that, we go to the Finals and hopefully get the championship,” he expressed.


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