Adamson’s Hill on facial on UST’s Faundo: ‘One of the best dunks I’ve done’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 16, 2017 09:23 PM
Hill on facial on Faundo: ‘One of the best dunks I’ve done’
THUNDEROUS THROWDOWN. Tyrus Hill and the self-proclaimed "Bounce Brothers" had for themselves a impactful introduction on Saturday.

Tyrus Hill announced his arrival for Adamson University on Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum.

And he didn’t just announce it by his lonesome, he did it at the expense of an opponent.



Sharing what was going through his head then, the Filipino-American said, “I looked over and it was an open lane so I jab-stepped to the left and crossed over to the right. I knew that anyone that would come over would be late because I’m quicker.”

He then continued, “When I jumped, it was over. Out of body!”

Indeed, Hill was quicker than University of Sto. Tomas’ Jeepy Faundo.

Indeed, Hill jumped and it was over.

Indeed, Hill’s thunderous throwdown was an out of body experience not just for him, but for everybody who witnessed it.

Asked where he would rank his highlight in his personal reel, the six-foot-four forward answered, “That’s one of the best dunks I have done in my career so far. I was just super hyped up after that.”

Hill would have had an equally jawdropping follow-up highlight if only he did not take too many steps.



Talking about what could have been, he said, “I knew that was going to be another dunk too, but Kurt threw a no-look pass when I thought he was going to lead pass it. So I traveled.”

And with the announcement of his arrival out of the way, the high-flyer is only looking forward to his self-proclaimed “Bounce Brother” to more highlights. “Of course, you’ll see more of that from me and my ‘Bounce Bro’ Sean. He needs to hurry up and catch up, though,” he exclaimed.

He then continued, “I’m here to put on a show and hopefully, we’re going to sail that ship this year.”

Ball’s on your court, Sean Manganti!


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