NU’s Issa Gaye growing up even more under ‘dad’ Jamike Jarin

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 20, 2017 07:25 PM
NU’s Issa Gaye growing up even more under ‘dad’ Jamike Jarin
MATURITY. Issa Gaye toned down his aggressiveness to great results in NU's bounce back win.

Issa Gaye has played well in his first two games in the UAAP 80 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

It was in his third game for National University, however, that he showed what he’s all about.

Towering above all for a total of 17 points, 13 rebounds, and four blocks, he lifted his team back into the win column now at 2-1.

And post-game, head coach Jamike Jarin did not mince his words about the appreciation for his first-year player from Senegal. “He’s a joy to coach. He’s just a joy to coach because he’s very humble,” he told reporters.

He then continued, “He does all the dirty work and me makes a lot of sacrifices.”

Without a doubt, thus far in the tournament, Gaye has looked like a more than worthy replacement for Alfred Aroga who had long anchored the Sampaloc-based squad.

More than his best game in the tournament, however, Jarin lauded his six-foot-eight center for the maturity he is showing. “Today, you see how mature he is because he only had one foul. In our first two games, he was in foul trouble and he promised us and to me, personally, ‘I will stay away from foul trouble,’” he shared.

In their first game against University of the East, Gaye had four fouls and 15 points in 11 minutes. In their second game against De La Salle University, he had three fouls and 16 points in 23 minutes.

Today, he only had one foul and got to play 27.5 of 40 minutes. “He’s a wonder to coach and I thank God that I’m fortunate to coach him right now,” his mentor said.

For Gaye, it was just all about not letting down the father figure he has found in Jarin. “He’s like my dad,” he shared.

He then continued, “Before, I was just too aggressive so coach calmed me down a little bit. I just played defense and helped (my teammates) without fouling.”

And the new NU tower is only looking to keep doing so. “I’m just doing my role in the team which is getting the rebounds, helping in defense, blocking shots, and trying to score if I can. That’s what I’m doing and hope to continue to do,” he said.


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