No, these aren’t the NU Bulldogs we used to know

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 21, 2017 06:37 PM
No, these aren’t the NU Bulldogs we used to know
RUN N GUN. For four years, NU was a halfcourt team. Not anymore.

National University scored 109 points last Saturday – the second-highest scoring output in over a decade.

If not for De La Salle University’s even hotter offense which scored 115 points then, they may just have had the milestone for themselves.

Still, it’s a marvel how far the Bulldogs have come from their halfcourt-centered offensive of old. “It was a really exciting game. It was a very exciting game,” head coach Jamike Jarin said as his boys and the Green Archers lit up the scoreboard.

The Sampaloc-based squad was a halfcourt team for the last five seasons. Just last year, they scored 59.5 points per game.

Last Saturday, they had 61 points in the first half alone.

“Just seeing our kids compete with the best team in college? It was magnificent,” Jarin expressed then.

Fast forward four days later, and NU dropped 94 points on hapless University of Sto. Tomas.

Jarin’s boys swished 11 triples and a total of four of them were in double-digit scoring led by Senegalese Issa Gaye who had 17 points.

Dave Wilson Yu and Chino Mosqueda also added 13 and 11 points, respectively.

Still, the mentor said it was J-Jay Alejandro who was the straw that stirred their drink. “He’s on a different level. He’s just playing selfless, we’re all just playing selfless, wanting to win,” he said of his team captain who had 12 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists.

He then continued, “Everybody’s talking about how good the other players have performed after two weeks, but you look at J-Jay Alejandro’s numbers, that’s not easy. He jacks up all the stats.”

Indeed, with Alejandro doing it all and the rest of the team just running and gunning, these aren’t the NU Bulldogs we used to know.


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