Coach Franz: ‘We were lucky to win that game’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 04, 2017 08:49 PM
Coach Franz: ‘We were lucky to win that game’
LADY LUCK. Adamson had some sort of luck help with its close triumph over UP.

Adamson University gave the University of the Philippines a dose of its own medicine.

With the Soaring Falcons and the Fighting Maroons all even with 22 ticks to go, head coach Franz Pumaren went to Jerrick Ahanmisi for the former’s last shot.

The second-year sniper missed his shot, but also had Papi Sarr get a rebound as well as a follow-up.

The Cameroonian also muffed on his attempt, but Sean Manganti got another offensive board and got the putback that would prove to be the difference between the two teams.

For Pumaren, it was lady luck who made a way for their third consecutive victory. “Well, I guess we were lucky to win that game. The whole game, we were struggling, we had a bad start, we had a bad start, we made a lot of mental mistakes,” he said.

He then continued, “I guess this is a good test on our part that in crucial moments of the game, we can survive a game like this.”

Indeed, replay reviews showed the versatile forward was at the right place, at the right time. “Offensive rebound… Second chance… I was just in the right place, in the right time,” Manganti said.

Talking about Sarr’s shot prior, he then continued, “I was like, what the f***. ‘Cause he should have had a clear layup. He was right there and he blew it.”

Good for Adamson that its versatile forward was more than raring and ready to clean up the mess. “I’m glad I was there to save us,” he expressed.



And as it turns out, even Manganti’s mere presence on the court needed some sort of luck. “It was also a timely substitution on my part to put Sean back and you know, get that putback,” the head coach said.

Apparently, Pumaren sent in Manganti to replace Dawn Ochea following the timeout in that decisive play.

And so, Adamson gave UP a taste of its own medicine – winning with a game-winning shot with under 10 seconds left.


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