Yes, that was a dunk ‘cause Matt Salem said so

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 22, 2017 08:42 PM
Yes, that was a dunk ‘cause Matt Salem said so
HIGH-FLYER. Matt Salem has just added something to his highlight reel.

Matt Salem put Steve Akomo on a poster.

Yes, you read that right.



With an open lane and Akomo all that was between him and the basket, the ground-bound forward put his head down and penetrated right into the lane.

Of course, the Cameroonian powerhouse, all six-feet and eight-inches of him, was there to challenge the six-foot-three Filipino-Canadian.

Still, Salem was able to put up a shot – a shot that had him sending the ball into the net and touching the rim with his fingers.

The basket was good as well as the bonus following it.

For Issa Gaye, a known dunker, it wasn’t a slam jam. “That was a layup dunk,” he expressed through chuckles.

For Salem, however, it was a slam jam, no doubt. “Was that not a dunk? Sayang,” he inquired reporters while laughing.

He then continued, “That’s already a dunk in my book!”

Merriam-Webster defines a slam dunk as “a shot in basketball made by jumping high into the air and throwing the ball down through the basket.”

And so, according to Merriam-Webster, what the 23-year-old did was a slam dunk.

Whatever it was, however, Salem hopes he can just keep on making the most out of his opportunities. “I’m a role player so I don’t go out there and create my shots. Our guards help me create my shots so I thank them for helping me get my points,” he said.


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