Coach Bo says UP has to be accountable to something bigger than themselves

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 24, 2017 06:01 PM
Coach Bo says UP has to be accountable to something bigger
CHARACTER-BUILDING. Coach Bo Perasol expects great things from UP.

The University of the Philippines has lost five of its last six games.

This downward spiral, coming after their biggest win in over a decade at the expense of defending champion De La Salle University.

That win was expected to be a big-time boost for the Fighting Maroons in their playoff push, but instead, they have been felled by fellow hopefuls in Far Eastern University, Adamson University, and National University.

Just last Sunday, they were upended by a University of the East side which was initially winless through six games.

After that sorry loss, head coach Bo Perasol lamented that State U is yet to find its identity – or perhaps needs to rediscover it. “I have yet to see the kind of character my team has. I think that we’re really struggling in as far as knowing who we really are, what we can do as a team, and how we can match up with the other teams,” he told reporters.

That was the mild way of putting it as before the interview, the usually mild-mannered coach let out his frustrations to his boys inside the locker room. “My message there was, nakakapagod kasi yung when you lose and then you don’t get accountability. I wanted them to feel that when you lose a game, you have to be accountable for it,” he shared.

He then continued, “I wanted them to feel na you have to own up to the chances that are being given to you.”

Whatever Perasol told UP then was only loud and clear to those inside the locker room, but still, without a doubt, reverberated to the surrounding area.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of thinking that the always amiable mentor is disappointed with his wards. “Definitely, they’re (still) responding and I have no doubts about that. I just want them to think that if they don’t deliver now, they have to own up to it and babawi sila sa susunod,” he said.

He then continued, “That’s what I want from them, na masama ang laro mo, pero it’s not just about you. It’s about the whole team, it’s about the whole community and you have to be accountable to something bigger than yourself.”

Bottom line, Perasol only wants the Fighting Maroons to play for the name in front of their jersey and not the one in the back. “Kasi kung hindi, we will just go back to where we are, playing for ourselves so for those who are being given much, much is expected,” he said.

The second-year head coach wants this lesson for his boys not only this season, but for whatever will come next – both for the team and for them individually. As he put it, “It’s not about the wins or the losses because those are going to come, but the character-building I want to share with my players is going to be lifelong. I want to feel that whatever you do in life, you have to be accountable for it.”

He then continued, “If you fail, you cannot stop, but you have to own up to it.”

With this in mind, Perasol said that State U remains hopeful about its chances – even though the Final Four is now going to be an uphill climb for them. “It’s going to be very difficult these coming four games, knowing that we will be up against the stronger programs, but we’re not going to stop. We’re not going to stop,” he said.

He then continued, “I told them that I’m not going to give up on them so let’s just keep on moving (forward).”


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