ATIN 'TO: Paul Desiderio drills another game-winner, breaks another team's heart

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 28, 2017 08:43 PM
Desiderio drills another winner, breaks another team's heart

Paul Desiderio certainly has a knack for breaking hearts.

Particularly, opponents' hearts.

We all remember his dagger against UST that was heard all 'round the UAAP. 

More than being a signal of UP's ascension from the cellars, his game-winning three-pointer was extra special because he called it. He literally called game, with his now-immortalized phrase: "Atin 'to, papasok 'to."

Now, with the Fighting Maroons sort of ailing, needing a win to boost their Final Four hopes, Desiderio decided to break hearts once more. A sequel, if you will.

His next victim? FEU.

While a lot of FEU fans may have hoped for overtime, or for some miracle to happen for Morayta, Desiderio had other plans.

With the game tied, Desiderio came through as he freed himself up for yet another game-clinching three-pointer.

Before the shot, everyone may have been thinking: "There's no way he can drain another winner, right?" 

"He didn't call it, so he won't make it," others may have joked.

But, against all that, Desiderio made it.

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