Thirdy gets a cash prize from dad Bong for all of his dunks

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 04, 2017 08:25 PM
Thirdy gets a cash prize from dad Bong for all of his dunks
WINNER, WINNER! Yes, Thirdy Ravena just got richer for his, bar none, top play of the week.

Indeed, Thirdy Ravena just proved humans can fly.

Just look at this.



After that thunderous throwdown, he put up three fingers in the air and twirled it around.

But Thirdy, that wasn’t a three-pointer.

Yes, perhaps it should have had more value than just two points, but nonetheless, that wasn’t a three-pointer.

As it turns out, Thirdy wasn’t implying that his thunderous throwdown should have been worth three points. Instead, he was signaling something to his father who was present at the venue.

“Kasi yung dad ko, may bet kami na tuwing nakaka-dunk ako, bibigyan niya ako ng PhP 3, 000,” he said in the post-game conference.

And apparently, this is not the first time he has done it. According to the third-year forward, he has dunked three times this season.

That means Bong Ravena owes his son PhP 9, 000.

Coach Sandy Arespacochaga wants in on some of that action. “Hinhingi ako ng porsyento kay coach Bong kasi ako nagturo kay Thirdy nun e,” he joked to the delight of reporters.

Turning serious, however, Arespacochaga said that Ravena’s highlight wouldn’t have been possible if not for the effort of Chibueze Ikeh who got the offensive rebound and then got the assist. “The highlight was the dunk, but actually for us, the highlight was that offensive rebound and that pass. (The highlight) wouldn’t be possible if Ikeh did not do his job,” he said.

The owner of the thunderous throwdown himself could only agree. “It just happened. Swerte lang nakakuha ng offensive rebound and I saw that no one was guarding the middle area,” he said.

He then continued, “It was a good pass by Ikeh. Yun lang.”


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