Happy ending to ‘ALEserye’

Mark Escarlote on Nov 06, 2017 06:08 PM
Happy ending to ‘ALEserye’
Head coach Tai Bundit and the Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles will continue to work together to make their 80th UAAP women's volleyball campaign successful.

Ateneo de Manila University president Fr. Jett Villarin S.J. on Monday announced that head coach Tai Bundit and the Lady Eagles will continue to ‘work together’ to make their campaign in the 80th UAAP women’s volleyball tournament successful.

Villarin posted a memo on his Facebook page saying that he met with Bundit and the players separately and listened to their thoughts and concerns regarding the issues surrounding the team just three months before the start of the UAAP wars.

“The meetings have not been in vain since a number of valid concerns were raised and will be addressed systematically by the Ateneo de Manila,” according to Villarin’s post.

Last October 29, team manager Tony Boy Liao confirmed that Bundit, who handled for the Lady Eagles for four seasons and steered the Katipunan-based squad to four straight championship appearances including back-to-back titles in Season 76 and 77, was asked by the school’s athletics department to not report anymore as head coach of the team.

He cited that the team has been dealing with internal problems for quite some time now and that some players were complaining about the Thai mentor’s ‘difficult’ training program and their limited playing time.

On October 30, the Ateneo athletics office, the university’s management, and the Lady Eagles coaching staff had a meeting and announced that Bundit will remain with the team.

“One important common denominator in these gatherings is what I saw to be the shared desire of both Coach Tai and the Lady Eagles to apply themselves wholeheartedly to representing our school and doing their best to play for the championship,” said Villarin. “And to achieve this, they know that they have to make the needed adjustments and mutual accommodation in their preparations.”

“In view of all this, I am happy to announce that both Coach Tai and the Ateneo Women’s Team will continue to work together to make this season’s campaign successful.”

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