Master of Mayhem: Ayo's rage makes him a better coach

Paul Lintag on Nov 12, 2017 07:50 PM
Master of Mayhem: Ayo's rage makes him a better coach
Aldin Ayo removed his Ralph Lauren jacket out of frustration late in the fourth quarter as the Ateneo Blue Eagles went up by seven after it appeared that they got away with two violations. La Salle scored 10 straight after the Master of Mayhem's fit of rage and the champs prevented a sweep with a rousing win.

Here's an interesting stat for all of you: La Salle went a game-winning 10-0 run in the final two minutes and change against rival Ateneo Sunday after head coach Aldin Ayo went on one of his signature angry fits during games.

After the Blue Eagles managed to get away with two violations leading to a basket and a seven-point lead, Ayo was visibly frustrated obviously. So frustrated that he threw his Ralph Lauren jacket on the floor.

Fortunately, Ateneo never scored after that and the defending champion Archers pulled through for their signature win so far this season, preventing a Blue Eagle sweep to make sure that there is a Final Four for Season 80.

Ayo, the mastermind behind Mayhem, was unapologetic about his behaviour, saying that that is the type of coach he is and his rage actually makes him a better decision-maker on the floor.

Well, can't argue with two rings for the past two seasons in two different leagues can you?

"Actually, personally, anger or hatred, it fuels my adrenaline and it helps me in making right decisions," Ayo said.

"I always thrive in anger or hatred," he added.

Good for coach Ayo and his Green Archers if that's the case.

Bad for the Ralph Lauren jacket. Those are not exactly cheap.

But hey, as long as you're in control of that rage and you actually win games, right?

"Even though I get angry, I'm always in control," Ayo said.

"This is competition eh so you do whatever. Gawin mo lahat. At the end of the day, you're still competing so you have to make right decisions," he added.



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