Pumaren adamant officiating was ‘the worst’ in DLSU-Adamson game

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 18, 2017 08:42 PM
Pumaren adamant officiating was ‘the worst’ in DLSU-Adamson
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. According to Franz Pumaren, those he knew from DLSU could not celebrate their victory versus Adamson.

Safe to say, Franz Pumaren was not happy with how the referees called Adamson University’s matchup against De La Salle University on Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum.

“I don’t want to sound sourgraping, but I guess everybody saw the game,” the head coach told reporters after his Soaring Falcons were downed by the Green Archers, 75-82. “In fact, me, coming from La Salle, even my friends there said parang they can’t even celebrate the victory.”

Pumaren called the shots for the Taft-based team from 1998 to 2009 before transferring to San Marcelino in 2016.

After the final buzzer, he was clearly heard to be yelling at referees that what transpired was the “worst officiating.”

And in the post-game conference, he did nothing but reiterate that. “Talaga. This is the worst,” he told reporters.

The Adamson tactician then went on to say that it’s not just his close friends who felt bad at their controversial loss. “You know, stepping out of the coliseum, nahihiya sa akin mga taga-La Salle. Even the coaches of DLS Zobel, they were so embarrassed,” he shared.

He then continued, “Even some UAAP coaches have been texting me now, sad day daw for UAAP. I won’t be mentioning the name, but two Final Four contenders and two more coaches, sad day daw.”

Pumaren, and all of those he mentioned, disagreed with how the Soaring Falcons were called for 33 fouls compared to their opponents’ 12.

Moreover, DLSU was awarded 39 free throws and made good on 27 while Adamson only had five free throws and converted three of those.

Talking about that disparity, he said, “Malakas na nga sila tapos diba… The difference… Ewan ko.”

For the multi-titled mentor, that disparity barred his players from enforcing their game plan. “We worked hard for this. We prepared for this. It’s so disappointing,” he said.

He then continued, “I don’t think I was outcoached. I don’t think we got outplayed. It’s so disappointing.”

Still, Pumaren was proud at how the Soaring Falcons were still in the game up until the dying moments. “We could have still beaten them,” he expressed.

In the end, however, the coach said he can do nothing but take the loss and just prepare for next season. “For me, okay lang yun. We just have to be tougher next year,” he said.

He then continued, firing one parting shot, “I just would have been sweeter if we would have beaten them in spite of all the help.”


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