Adamson files complaint on ‘unfair, biased’ officiating in matchup with DLSU

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 21, 2017 09:26 AM
Adamson files complaint on ‘unfair, biased’ officiating
OFFICIAL REVIEW. Adamson does not want a repeat of what happened in their matchup against DLSU.

Adamson University is asking for an official review of its match-up with De La Salle University last Saturday.

“Protest/complaint is hereby lodged against the lamentable calls made by the referees who officiated the La Salle-Adamson game,” the school said in its letter to the league’s executive director Atty. Rebo Saguisag.

It then continued, “A judicious review of the match is asked from the UAAP (executive director) together with the technical team to arrive at an objective resolution of the contention hereby raised.”

The Green Archers downed the Soaring Falcons, 82-75, in their Final Four meeting behind a 14-0 run to open the final frame.

The San Marcelino-based squad was in control for majority of the matchup until the Taft-based team finally imposed its will.

However, the former, as well as much of social media, was unhappy with officiating for the entire game.

“This is the worst (officiating),” head coach Franz Pumaren said post-game as Adamson was called for 33 fouls compared to their opponents’ 12.

Moreover, the Soaring Falcons only had five free throws, making three, while their opponents were awarded 39, making good on 27.

The school’s letter to the UAAP again shed the spotlight on that disparity. “Even if one does not know how a foul can be committed, it is loud and clear that the calls made by the referees were downright unfair and biased,” it said.

It then continued, “The manner the game was officiated was revolting and calls for immediate action in order to forestall its duplication in the future.”

In the end, the Soaring Falcons, like Pumaren in the post-game, said they were not “sourgraping.” “The community only clamors for an objective, fair, and impartial officiating all in the name of a decent game,” their letter said.

For its part, DLSU said that the referees were consistent throughout the match.

Talking about Kib Montalbo’s tight defense on Adamson’s Jerrick Ahanmisi, head coach Aldin Ayo said post-game, “I told the boys to return the favor because they (Adamson) kept on bumping us for the whole first half and the referees are allowing it. I told the boys na since they (referees) are not calling it, ibato rin natin sa kanila (Adamson).”

He then continued, “Good thing the referees were consistent."


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