How will scoring work in the 2017 UAAP Cheerdance Competition?

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 23, 2017 05:45 PM
How will scoring work in 2017 UAAP Cheerdance Competition?
HOW THEY SCORED. The criteria for judging will stay the same as it has for the last four years.

Since 2013, the UAAP has been using the same scoring system for its Cheerdance Competition.

This year won’t be any different.

In the 23rd iteration of what has become of the most awaited events in the UAAP calendar, this is how the eight competing squads will be judged:

1) The first thing to understand is that judges will be split into two panels with four members each: one is the cheer panel and one is the dance panel.

2) The cheer panel will further be broken down into four categories: stunts, pyramids, tosses, and tumbling. All four categories will be overseen by an individual judge who will focus on his/her own category and give a score with a maximum of 100.

3) The four judges in the dance panel will then abide by a criteria of Overall Effect (10 points), Choreography (30 points), Technique (40 points), and Group Execution (20 points) and will each give a score with a maximum of 100.

4) Adding up the scores from the four cheer panel judges and the four dance panel judges, each squad may garner up to 800 points.

5) However, a separate judge will also be on the lookout for any errors. A minor mistake entails a one-point deduction while a major mistake entails a three-point deduction.

6) The final score will be determined by subtracting the deductions, if any, from the combined scores from the eight-member panel.

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