The Most Swag Signature Moves in UAAP 80 Men’s Basketball

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The Most Swag Signature Moves in UAAP 80 Men’s Basketball
When it comes to signature moves in the UAAP, Ricci Rivero's Eurostep comes second to none.

Anyone can be a basketball player, but it takes a different kind of grind to master the various skills and facets of the game.

To stand out from the crowd, a player should have a signature move.

Aside from being highly effective, these moves definitely bring out a player's hard-earned swag.

Legendary Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has risen to the top of the NBA's all-time leading scorers list with the help of his unblockable sky hook, Kobe Bryant has earned his stripes with his patented fadeaway, Michael Jordan's hops is pretty much its own brand identity now, and Stephen Curry's quick-release bombs from way downtown, among dozens more.

These moves are now easily associated with the cagers who immortalized them, but having a go-to move isn't necessarily exclusive to NBA players.

Even in the UAAP, a handful of players have already started patenting their own moves, dazzling the audience, his teammates, and his opponents alike.


Ricci Rivero's slick Eurostep


You all know this was coming.

Sure, Ricci Rivero can throw it down, but it's his other and more dazzling move is the Eurostep.

The move really took off in the NBA in the early 2000s, popularized by Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade, and now being used to great effect by James Harden.

Ricci usually breaks out the Eurostep in transition, when a lone defender is between him and the rim. With a full head of steam, the Green Archer suddenly stops and plants one foot on one side, then swings his body to the other, dazing his defender with the quick step, all done with calculated grace.

Once free from the defender, Ricci just flips the ball in and being an excellent inside finisher that he is, gets the job done more often than not.
Slowly but surely, Ricci is becoming synonymous with the Eurostep here in the Philippines, so don’t be surprised when you hear his name and see his move in your nearby barangay court.

Tyrus Hill's posterizers

In his first playing year, Tyrus Hill wasn't fileded out a whole lot by Adamson head coach Franz Pumaren.

But when he was on the court, you could immediately sense his presence. His hair alone oozes swag, and his game backs it up.

His numbers may not be there just yet, but the lanky, 6-foot-five forward has all the makings of a high-flyer, and he definitely showed what he can do in UAAP season 80.

No dunk better showcased Hill's hops than his epic throwdown over UST's Jeepy Faundo.

Hill, with a burst of speed, loses his perimeter defender before meeting Faundo at the rim, and throwing it down.

Of course, his game is beyond his aerial acrobatics. He's known to have a great defensive presence at the rim, and with his physical gifts, the sky really is the limit for Hill.


Isaac Go's clutch threes

Isaac Go has been a folk hero of sorts for the Ateneo community.

His well-timed bursts of clutch and inspiring plays already has him down as one of the Blue Eagles' best.

No play better encapsulate's Go's clutch gene better than his dagger three-pointer against La Salle in Game 3 of the UAAP season 80 Finals.

With La Salle breathing down on Ateneo's neck, the Blue Eagles needed a bucket to put the game away.

Lo and behold, Isaac Go steps up and drills the three to give Ateneo it's first title in five years.

His signature move is basically a mix of having such deep range for a big man, as well as having the guts to take them in the most crucial of moments.

Ben Mbala's power move

What happens when you combine hunger, a killer instinct, and a little bit of showmanship in a 6'6" frame?

You'll probably get DLSU center Ben Mbala.

Aside from his rim-rattling exploits, Mbala's most physically demanding, and at the same time impressive feats on the court is his ability to power through and finish strong, even against multiple defenders.

The Cameroonian's brute strength is complimented by his veteran savvy, and his tankl-like build only works to his favor, and his alone.


Alvin Pasaol's 'hangtime' finish

It's no secret: Alvin Pasaol is not the slimmest of basketball players. The secret in his game, however, is how he plays with such heart, bravado, and of course, effectiveness.

The 6'2" forward from UE also has a killer stroke from deep, but that's just part of his allure as the Human Heat Check.

Aside from his wet jumpers, he can also handle the ball and drive past bigger defenders or easily back down smaller ones. 

His knack for getting the better of his defenders is almost legendary, as he once famously dropped 49 points on a feisty La Salle squad.

One of his main weapons is his hangtime finishes at the rim. 

Pasaol can't throw it down with ease, but his upper body strength and sheer size helps him bump defenders before releasing a well-timed flick.


Robbie Manalang's stepback jumpers

Sometimes, shooting is all about the form. The more consistent the form, the more consistent the results.

In Robbie Manalang's case, his aesthetically perfect form comes second only to the actual sound of the net as the ball swishes from deep, which happens quite a lot for the Adamson floor general.

His go-to move is to first shake off his defender with a couple of dribbles, then, with his hair slicked back, he pulls up or steps back for a three pointer. Splash.


Each star has his own distinct style and a unique signature move,  but what they have in common is their undeniable swag that comes out everytime they make a dazzling play. And like these big-shot players, confidence can help you step your game up both on and off the court with Stylex, the styling gel that leaves your hair moisturized and looking at its best. It features a non-drying formula, which means you also won’t have to worry about flakes. Tame unruly hair an style it however you want with Stylex!

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