Master of #MAYHEM: Aldin Ayo's most unforgettable moments with DLSU

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Master of Mayhem: Ayo's most unforgettable moments with DLSU
Let's count down Aldin Ayo's best, most unforgettable moments with De La Salle University during his two-year stint.

De La Salle University's Aldin Ayo era has reportedly come to an unceremonious end Wednesday afternoon after reports surfaced of the veteran tactician leaving Taft for Espana and the struggling University of Sto. Tomas squad.

The two-time collegiate champion with Leran and La Salle will part with the Green Archers days after its hulking reinforcement Ben Mbala announced his departure to go professional with a basketball club in Mexico.

While Ayo's two-year stint with the Archers ended with a runner-up finish, his stay in La Salle was rife with moments, both the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Before the mentor out of Sorsogon takes on the monumental responsibility of breathing life back into a once proud institution in UST, let's take a look back at the most unforgettable moments with La Salle.



First off, the most infamous yet hilarious moment from Aldin Ayo's first season with La Salle.

After a referee missed a call on a UE player that looked like he was already sitting on the back of Thomas Torres, trying to deny the ball, Aldin Ayo went OFF.

Play stopped.

The court went silent.

Torres and fellow Green Archer Ricci Rivero were left slackjawed as their head coach took his assistant coach's eyeglasses and forced a referee to wear them, protesting the missed call. 



Now on to a lighter moment. Even though coach Ayo is one of the most fiery mentors in the land, his love for his players always shows.

As seen in season 79, when DLSU forward Abu Tratter blew what would be a touchdown finish at the rim when the ball slipped his hand.

Although DLSU had a commanding lead, Tratter was visibly upset and frustrated with himself.

On his way to the bench, and expecting a sermon from the intense mentor, Tratter received a warm hug from Coach Ayo.

In that touching moment, Ayo proved sincere concern for his wards. 




Gym time with coach Aldin! #Animo

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In another example of Aldin Ayo's dedication to his players, he was seen working out with former King Archer Jeron Teng before their eventual UAAP championship season.

While it may seem like a light moment, Ayo sharing lifting duties with his players is just one of the many instances where he proves that they're all in this together.



Aldin Ayo removed his Ralph Lauren jacket out of frustration in DLSU's second round match-up against Ateneo, with the Green Archers trailing late.

Blue Eagles were ahead by seven points, and Ayo was fuming after it appeared that Ateneo got away with two violations. 

After his fit of rage, La Salle scored 10 straight points to complete the rally and to block Ateneo's elimination round sweep with a rousing win.

"I always thrive in anger or hatred," Ayo said post-game, and we cannot argue. 



While Aldin Ayo steered Letran to the NCAA season 91 championship the season prior, it was his UAAP title with La Salle back in season 79 that sealed his place in collegiate basketball lore.

Behind his patented #MAYHEM system, where players are expected to basically go berserk on defense, La Salle finished with a dominant 13-1 record in the elimination round, then to a masterful dismantling of Final Four foe Adamson, and a Finals sweep of Ateneo on the way to a title, Ayo's maiden season with the Green Archers was perfect as it can be.

Say what you want about Aldin Ayo, but the man, and his teams, are both impeccably fun to watch.

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