Melecio denies jumping ship to UST

Philip Matel on Dec 27, 2017 03:35 PM
Melecio denies jumping ship to UST
HOLD YOUR HORSES: Aljun Melecio is staying at De La Salle

Following coach Aldin Ayo's impending transfer to UST that was first reported by the Tiebreaker Times, and that the earlier report of Ayo trying to woo some of his players to Espana, Green Archer Aljun Melecio insists that he is staying with La Salle.

In a tweet, Melecio wishes his former mentor good luck, insists his love for the Green and White, and that he will not be joining Ayo, who recruited him, in a move to UST. 


In a now-deleted tweet in the moments after Ayo was first reported to be leaving the Green Archers' lair, Melecio tweeted two tiger emojis that sparked rumors that he would be joining his coach.

Following his graduation from De La Salle-Zobel in 2015, Melecio was recruited by Ayo to join the Green Archers, and was a part of the squad that won the UAAP men's basketball title in Season 79.


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