QUIZ: How well do you know the UST Golden Tigresses?

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 31, 2018 02:41 PM
QUIZ: How well do you know the UST Golden Tigresses?
Can you get a perfect score in our UST Golden Tigresses quiz?

The UST Golden Tigresses are out to return to the Final Four for the second straight year. How well do you know them? Take this quiz to find out!


1. Dimdim Pacres' ultimate dream is to become a?

A. Successful volleyball player

B. Flight attendant

C. Police woman

D. Doctor


2. Rica Jane Rivera was named Rookie of the Year of the UAAP Beach Volleyball tournament in what season?

A. 76

B. 77

C. 78

D. 79


3. Shannen Palec is a huge fan of which Korean actor?

A. Song Joong-Ki

B. Park Yoo Chun

C. Gong Yoo

D. Lee Min-Ho


4. Caitlyn Viray is currently taking what course?

A. Psychology

B. Journalism

C. Behavioral Science

D. Accountancy


5. Which player collects Haiykuu and Chibi figures?

A. Carla Sandoval

B. Alina Bicar

C. Tin Francisco

D. Dimdim Pacres


6. Sisi Rondina hails from what Visayan province?

A. Negros Occidental

B. Iloilo

C. Cebu

D. Negros Oriental


7. Rookie Milena Alessandrini hails from what European country?

A. France

B. Italy

C. Spain

D. Greece


8. Sisi Rondina was named Most Valuable Player in the UAAP Beach Volleyball Tournament three times. What season was she first named MVP?

A. 77

B. 78

C. 79

D. 80


9. UST last won the title in what season?

A. 72

B. 73

C. 74

D. 75


10. Head coach Emilio 'Kung Fu' Reyes works as a logistician and a fitness trainer in what branch of the Armed Forces?

A. Philippine Navy

B. Philippine Coast Guard

C. Philippine Air Force

D. Philippine Army


ANSWERS: 1-B, 2-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A, 6-C, 7-B, 8-A, 9-A, 10-D

BENCH WARMER: 1-3 correct answers

SUBSTITUTE:  4-5 correct answers

STARTER:  6-8 correct answers

MVP: 9 - 10 correct answers

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