#AnimoKasal: Past and present DLSU Lady Spikers reunite at Cha Cruz' bridal shower

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 05, 2018 05:14 PM
#AnimoKasal: Past and present Lady Spikers reunite
#AnimoKasal! Congratulations to Cha and Ray! (Photo courtesy of Aby Marano's Twitter account, @Abymarano)

Some former and current members of the DLSU Lady Spikers once again met as a team, not on the court, but this time to one of their teammates' bridal showers.

Cha Cruz, who will be wed to her 'Mr. Everything' Ray Behag, held a bohemian-themed bridal shower at the Ascott Manila Sunday, which saw some of her former teammates attending the affair.

Dubbed the #bridalCHAwer, some of her former teammates visited and supported Cruz to celebrate one of the most important stages of her life.

In a Tweet, Melissa Gohing captured the emotions of Cruz, with the former De La Salle Lady Spikers exhibiting euphoric glee.

Michele Gumabao meanwhile posted her picture some of the members of her championship squad, as she wishes Cruz and her husband-to-be good luck.  

Mika Esperanza, who looks at Cruz as her role model, wrote a long message for her on her Instagram. 

"To the person that I have always looked up to since I was a rookie, congratulations!  I feel so blessed to have witnessed how you and kuya Ray have stayed in love all these years and now you will finally seal the deal!!! You have always been my role model!  I wish you nothing but happiness!"



Aby Marano also Tweeted a photo with her fellow teammates, and even included current Lady Spiker Aduke Ogunsanya in the photo.

The 29-year old Cruz was proposed upon by her longtime beau at a Coldplay concert in Seoul, South Korea last year. They will be wed later in the year.



In a sky full of stars, he gave me the brightest one.❤❤❤

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