DOC VOLLEYBALL: Adamson vs. FEU match analysis

AJ Pareja on Feb 13, 2018 07:18 PM
DOC VOLLEYBALL: Adamson vs. FEU match analysis
Adamson's Queen Falcon Jema Galanza easily converted attacks off the pass in the fifth set to seal their first and perhaps their most crucial win for the season thus far.

It’s still early in the season, but the match between Adamson University and Far Eastern University in the UAAP Season 80 women’s volleyball tournament has so far been one of the most hotly-contested encounters.

Proving that they're no longer last season’s pushover team, the Adamson Lady Falcons have been reaping the fruits of the Airess Padda program as they continue to show vast improvement early on in the campaign.

On the other hand, the FEU Lady Tamaraws are set to regain their powerhouse status coming off a massive first game win against the second seed Ateneo Lady Eagles.

While both teams are relatively on equal ground when it comes to attack caliber, trends in terms of passing and serving efficiency throughout the five-set match spelled the major difference especially at the close of each set.

Set 1 (Adamson, 25-23)

During the first set, much credit can be given to the Lady Tamaraws as most of their services were targeted towards zone 1 and its seam between zone 6. Added that the quality of their jump float serves were tougher than the Lady Falcons, the Lady Tamaraws were able to limit their counterpart to a 43% passing efficiency. By targeting mostly the zone 1 area, FEU was able to prevent Adamson from running their plays in the middle and to rely mostly on the wings with Eli Soyud committing several attack errors.

However, the Lady Tamaraws had a slight dip in the quality of their services towards the end of the set as serves went higher to zone 6 making it easier for the Lady Falcons to convert two attacks straight from the pass which helped seal the set.

Despite being limited to mostly plays from the wings, the Lady Falcons were able to pass good enough for setter Fhen Emnas to deliver tosses for Galanza and Permentilla to hit.

Set 2 (FEU, 25 – 19)

The Lady Falcons showed perfect form early on in the second set with a 100% efficiency from all of the receive attempts and converted 80% to immediate attacks. The Lady Tamaraws held their ground early on with four good passes out of seven attempts but a couple of rotational errors gave Adamson the early lead.

The Lady Falcons however, failed to drive the momentum as their passing efficiency dipped to only two excellent passes out of nine attempts in the mid-game.

FEU capitalized on this opportunity as continuous services into zone 5 by setter Kyle Negrito disrupted the attack pattern of Adamson heavily. Whereas the Lady Tamaraws were serving into strategic locations namely zone 5 and the seam between zone 6 and 1, the Lady Falcons were still pretty much serving into zone 6 primarily making it easier for FEU to pass and convert.

The end game was completely dominated by the Tamaraws as they had six excellent passes out of six attempts with three of those converting to a first point attack.

Set 3 (Adamson, 25 – 22)

Early on in the third set, both teams were head to head in terms of passing efficiency and attack conversion. FEU had five excellent passes out of six attempts with two attack conversions while Adamson had five excellent passes with three attack conversions.

FEU was better at locating their serves with Negrito and Chin Basas disrupting the attack pattern of the Lady Falcons. Jema Galanza was quick to adjust on the Adamson side as she had the bulk of point conversions despite broken passes.

The trend continues in the middle of the set as FEU was able to convert most of their passes to attacks. Adamson had less excellent passes but was able to convert points off the transition.

The Lady Tamaraws fell short in the end of the set as they were only able to convert an attack off the pass care of a Basas hit from the opposite while the Lady Falcons mustered three crucial conversions off the pass care of Chiara Permentilla and captain Jema Galanza.

Despite the better efficiency in passing early on, the lack of attack conversions off the pass at the end game cost FEU the set.

Set 4 (FEU, 25 – 21)

The fourth set strayed off from the usual trend with FEU commanding a big lead early on as they went back to serving zone 1 as well as its seam with zone 6 forcing Adamson to only have one excellent receive out of seven attempts and without any attack conversion.

Short services from FEU’s Celine Domingo spelled difficulty for the Lady Falcon receivers preventing them from running their quick plays. The Lady Falcons were quick to adjust as more of their services started veering into the seams between zone 6 and 5 and between 6 and 1 causing FEU to commit several passing errors in the middle of the set. After trailing by as much as 5 points early on, the Lady Falcons were able to trim the lead to only one, 16-15. Adamson continued targeting these zones forcing FEU to set mainly on the wings which were easily propped up by the defense for a transition kill.

Adamson tied the match at 20-all but three straight attack errors shifted the momentum to FEU sealing the set with a Heather Guino-o ace on zone 5.

Set 5 (Adamson, 15 – 12)

Both teams were neck and neck once again at the start of the deciding set as both teams had relatively high passing rates with Adamson at 60% while FEU at 71%.

A crucial service error by FEU’s Villareal at the six-point mark got the ball rolling for Adamson. The Lady Falcons were able to rack up a comfortable three-point lead with a string of well-placed serves care of Mylene Paat.

FEU attempted to make a run of their own with a couple of serves from Basas, but Queen Falcon Galanza easily converted attacks off the pass to seal their first and perhaps their most crucial win for the season thus far.




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