Dave Ildefonso’s decision: Follow dad’s footsteps or pave his own path?

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Mar 03, 2018 04:22 PM
Dave’s decision: Follow footsteps or pave own path?
Will Dave Ildefonso join father Danny and kuya Shaun in Sampaloc?

Dave Ildefonso’s high school career is over.

And it couldn’t have ended any better as the versatile wing was a big part of Ateneo da Manila High School’s first championship in three years.

That was just the most ideal close to a high school career that had him as a bench player in his first season, a Mythical selection in his second season, and now a Mythical selection as well as champion in his third season.

Now, Ildefonso is ready and raring to showcase his skills on a higher level that is college ball.

The question is, which stage will he be showcasing those skills on – the blue and white in Katipunan or the blue and gold in Sampaloc.

Of course, the 17-year-old has nothing but gratitude for Ateneo which gave an opportunity in the first place.

Still, a reunion with father Danny and kuya Shaun in National University is also beckoning. More than that, the Ildefonso name just so happens to be all the more legendary over there.

Asked about his future, he answered candidly, “Siyempre, naisip ko yung Teng brothers, magkalaban. Tapos minsan, naiisip ko rin yung tatlong Ildefonso sa isang team. I’m weighing that out and I’m almost to a decision.”

Indeed, no matter how talented he is, the decision will mean a lot for the six-foot-three forward. “Siyempre, I want to follow his (Danny I.) footsteps,” he said.

He then continued, “Pero siyempre, I wanna carve my own path din.”

Clearly, as of the moment, Ildefonso is yet to make up his mind.

What’s for certain, though, is that he will still be wearing blue.


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