Coach Tai Bundit's 'Greatest Hits' with the Ateneo Lady Eagles

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 21, 2018 08:21 PM
Coach Tai's 'Greatest Hits' with the Ateneo Lady Eagles
Coach Tai Bundit is such a character.

Coach Tai Bundit has confirmed his exit from Ateneo after the Lady Eagles were eliminated by Far Eastern University in the UAAP season 80 volleyball tournament Final Four, and it's easy for fans to focus on what'll be gone after this season.

But in his five season with Ateneo, Coach Tai has done more than win two UAAP titles. Let's all take a look back at his "Greatest Hits" with the Blue and White.

Coach Tai's happy-happy heartstrong and fun personality rose to national prominence with his, shall we say, unique celebratory dance moves when Ateneo scores a point.

The gesture was fairly new by then, when coaches looked extremely serious during games.


He even got the Marc Logan treatment.


His antics never got old, though.



While no one may easily forget his infectious aura, we got a gimples of how difficult and downright scary training with Coach Tai can be.



Let's not forget his signature two-hand greeting!

Here's a charming tidbit, told by Alyssa Valdez herself, on Coach Tai and former Ateneo hitter Fille Cainglet-Cayetano's on-court dynamic.

In what would be his final season with the Lady Eagles, though, Coach Tai left everyone with a lot of wacky snippets of his personality, that will never be forgotten.


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