NU reiterates that Amsali was given a chance to fix failing grades

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jun 29, 2018 07:03 PM
NU reiterates that Amsali was given a chance to fix grades
NU stands firm that it did no wrong when it comes to Rhayyan Amsali's failing grade

Just like it had already said two days ago, Nazareth School of National University said that it gave Rhayyan Amsali all the chances to fix his failing grade.

“Upon the release of grades last April 16, Mr. Amsali, just like any other student, was advised to attend a remedial class to help him with his failing grade,” the school said in a statement released on Friday. “Mr. Amsali filled out the remedial class application form, (but) he did not make an appearance.”

When news broke out last Wednesday, NSNU had already told ABS-CBN Sports that the Amsalis had knowledge beforehand of the problem, contrary to what their camp is claiming.

The school also reiterated that the Amsalis, through mother Nurisa, had claimed Rhayyan’s report card in early May and thus, had one month to fix the failing grade. “Records show that Mr. Amsali’s report card, released last May 4, was signed and accepted by his mother,” the statement said.

In the end, NSNU made it clear that it “upholds its academic policies to the highest standard.” “The (school) does not meddle with the faculty grading nor intentionally fail students. We have not influenced nor intend to bend to pressure as far as student grades are concerned,” it said in the statement.

In its complaint letter, the Amsalis said that Rhayyan “was the toast of the NU Bullpups for all of five years, but the relationship turned sour when Amsali signified his intent to complete his senior high school education elsewhere.”

The six-foot-three forward is as versatile as they come and was a longtime fixture in the Bullpups’ contention. Last season, he averaged 13.1 points, nine rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.6 steals in their runner-up finish in the UAAP.

In early May, though, he decided to transfer from NU to San Beda.


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