Javi GDL determined to step out of the shadows in UP

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 18, 2018 06:46 PM
Javi GDL determined to step out of the shadows in UP
Javi GDL is now a more well-rounded player after a strong showing in the PBA D-League

Javi Gomez de Liano was a double-double machine in his time in University of the Philippines Integrated School.

In his two seasons for the UP Seniors squad, the double-doubles have been few and far between, but there remain flashes of him being that player.

After a two-month stint in the PBA D-League, though, the second of four GDL children proved that he is much more than just a double-double machine.

“Playing in the PBA D-League gave me confidence in my game and a lot of things that I was having doubts with. After playing there, I think that i’ve made my statement showing how I really play,” he said.

Suiting up for Marinerong Pilipino, Javi GDL was time and again one of the top contributors in terms of scoring and rebounding.

In a scintillating showing up against TIP, he dropped a career-best 27 points on 78 percent shooting from the field on top of five rebounds to lead his team to a 105-80 rout.

More than the numbers, however, the now 19-year-old bared a brand new facet of his game – that of playing as a guard. “I could say that learning (again) how to be a guard was one of the biggest things I’m taking away from my D-League stint,” he shared.

Both as a Junior Maroon and as a Fighting Maroon, Javi GDL has always played as a forward.

According to him, though, just like little brother Juan, he had learned to play basketball by playing as a guard. “Growing up, shooting guard talaga ako sa barangay and village leagues because I only had shooting and nothing else. For my varsity career, I played more as a forward and that was good din naman,” he said.

Now he has grown, and then shown he still could ball in the backcourt, the incoming third-year player said his best position just may be at the 2. “Definitely, I’m more comfortable playing guard,” he said.

Whatever position he ends up playing in, however, Javi GDL vowed to give his all now he had turned his focus back to State U. “I’m feeling good, but it’s not just me who UP fans should be hopeful for. We got a great team with great talent,” he said.


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