UAAP: Manganti, Adamson have moved on from ex-teammates Hill, Lojera

Philip Matel on Sep 05, 2018 03:07 PM
UAAP: Manganti, Adamson have moved on from Hill, Lojera
Sean Manganti is now okay with the breakup of Adamson's '"Bounce Brothers"

Adamson forward Sean Manganti admitted he felt betrayed when Tyrus Hill decided to leave San Marcelino and made the jump just a few kilometers away to Taft.

Manganti, one-half of the Soaring Falcons' "Bounce Brothers" duo with Hill, said that he and the whole team understood that Hill was going back to California to join a college team there.

But when the smoke cleared and news broke out that he will be will be wearing La Salle green for Season 81, emotions got stirred up.

"At the time, I wasn't too sad because he said he was going home to California to help take care of his family so I understood that. But when I heard he had transferred to La Salle. I was mad, you know?" the Filipino-American said in an interview at the ABS-CBN Sports office.

However, just like most feuds, emotions de-escalated and Manganti has already forgiven his former teammate.

"I felt betrayed but time heals all wounds and we're okay now. He's still my bro."

As the Franz Pumaren-led squad looks for a return to the Final Four, Manganti stressed some few things before the team can even be considered as contenders for the title.

The athletic wing said that the rookies need to step up, chemistry needs to be great for them to stay as a unit, and most importantly, all of them must have mental strength.

Of course, he was not going to forget the tough the coaching strategy of multi-titled mentor Franz Pumaren who is known to instill mental fortitude to his players.

"You know, he's going to be tough on you. That's where your mental toughness has to come in because he really tries to get the best out of you everyday." 

"Every single day, no matter how it is, practice or a tuneup game so he really helps build mental toughness for players. And it's just up to you to take it."

As for taking the lead with top gun Jerrick Ahanmisi, Manganti is fine with any role he would be given and vows to help lead the squad that has last years' roster mostly intact.

"I just wanna do anything I can for the team. It's me or Jerrick, it's fine with me so I want to do my job, and whatever we can do to help us win. I'm okay with that."


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