UAAP: Juan GDL calls out kuya Javi for 'corny' alley-oop

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 08, 2018 04:33 PM
UAAP: Juan GDL calls out kuya Javi for 'corny' alley-oop
Juan GDL is nothing but proud of kuya Javi - but not of how the latter didn't really oop the alley from the former

In the third quarter of the University of the Philippines matchup with National University last Sunday, Javi Gomez de Liano showed that he was much more than a sweet-shooting forward.

Caught at the wrong end of a fastbreak, Javi GDL stood his ground before perfectly timing a block on a layup attempt by Reggie Morido.

After completing a defensive stop all by his lonesome, the third-year Fighting Maroon, softspoken as he is, let out some emotion.

Asked about it post-game, he answered, “I just wanted to hype up the crowd. Yun lang.”

Hype up the crowd, he did – so much so that, after the block, younger brother Juan came right at him for a GDL celebration.

Juan GDL, who has a few highlight blocks of his own, said he was no longer surprised that his kuya did that. “That’s what he does kahit nung high school – he blocks shots, he gets rebounds. You guys shouldn’t be surprised,” he said.

What the Season 80 Rookie of the Year didn’t appreciate, however, was how Javi GDL didn’t put an exclamation point on the alley-oop they connected on in the first quarter. “Yung alley-oop? Ang pangit, ni-layup (niya) kahit he was all alone,” he said while laughing.

He then continued, “Weak finish, parang, binaby yung shot. Ang corny. Walang thrill.”

Of course, Juan GDL was just kidding and ribbing his kuya.

Turning serious, he said that, as always, he was proud of Javi GDL – though, the former also said that the latter’s breakout game could have been way better. As he put it, “I’m happy that this is his breakout game, but he could have done way better. He also missed free throws and was letting his man get rebounds.”

He then continued, “Javi could have easily had a double-double. He could do better.”

Know what, Juan? Kuya Javi shares the same sentiments.


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