Isaac Go: 'Kouame makes everybody better'

Danine Cruz on Oct 20, 2018 09:42 PM
Isaac Go: 'Kouame makes everybody better'
'There is no I in team' is the exact mentality of Angelo Kouame and Isaac Go.

Game after game, Ateneo de Manila University's Angelo Kouame has been impressing UAAP fans with his all-around brilliance.

In his latest performance, he dazzled with 33 points and 27 rebounds -- a showing that earned him MVP chants from a tough Ateneo crowd.

With all the attention that Kouame has been getting, his mentor Isaac Go beamed with pride but at the same time deflected any possible credit that can be drawn to him.

"The entire team is happy for him. He did all the work. He's the one who shows up at practice early, he's the one who puts up the extra shots. So you have to put all the credit to him. I haven't really done much to 'mentor' him. He's done everything," said Go.

Go became one of the stars of Ateneo's championship run last Season 80 after his clutch baskets in the semifinals and the finals. With Kouame's impressive performances in recent games, fellow big man Go's role significantly diminished. 

Despite his more subtle role this season, Go expressed that as long as it is for the betterment of the team, he is all for it.

"I think it's a double-edged sword if you think about it because you are happy that he is producing. At the end of the day, it is always what is best for the team. At the end of the day also, you want to help him get better and the best way to do it is getting better as well," said the former Xavier Golden Stallion.

Kouame also displayed the same mentality when asked about possibly overshadowing his mentor.

"[George] really helped me for everything. Even off the court, in the court, he's my second coach. It doesn't matter who is the scorer, who is the leader or anything, it's about the team," Kouame said.

Both players revealed that during practices, the presence of each other brings out the best in them.

"Even in practice, George and I, we give challenges. We keep progress with that, it makes us better as a player," shared Kouame.

"If you go up against him in practice, he just makes everybody better and work harder because we have to complement what he can bring to us," added Go.


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