UAAP: Both UP and NU didn't like David Murrell's late-game dunk

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 03, 2018 08:29 PM
UAAP: Both UP and NU didn't like Murrell's late-game dunk
Dave Ildefonso did not appreciate the fact that David Murrell still went for a highlight dunk with the game all but decided

ANTIPOLO – With the game between the University of the Philippines and National University all but over on Saturday at the Ynares Center here, David Murrell went up for a highlight two-handed dunk.

That proved to be State U’s last basket that finalized the winning margin at 11 points.


Only, by the time he went up for the slam jam, his team was way ahead, the Bulldogs were no longer doing anything to keep the contest close, and just nine seconds remained on the clock.

That was exactly why NU had a violent reaction to what Murrell did.

Right after he landed, Dave Ildefonso rushed at him and got in his face. The Bulldog bench, meanwhile, stood up and more than a few yelled at him.

It is an unwritten rule of sportsmanship in basketball that when one team is already way ahead, the opposing team is no longer doing anything to keep the contest close, and less than 24 seconds remain on the clock, there are no more baskets to be made.

Teammate Gelo Vito immediately realized Murrell’s mistake and was seen to approach NU head coach Jamike Jarin, seemingly apologizing.

In the end, even UP head coach Bo Persaol acknowledged that their foes had a right to a violent reaction. “I didn’t like that either. If I were in Coach Jamike’s shoes, I would be angry too,” he told reporters post-game.

He then continued, “I have to talk to him that there was no need for that. He will have to learn to respect the game and also respect his opponents.”


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