UAAP: NU's Troy Rike posts double-double in his last game

Danine Cruz on Nov 18, 2018 06:13 PM
UAAP: NU's Troy Rike posts double-double in his last game
Troy Rike finishes UAAP career with a bang

In the final game of Troy Rike's one-and-done UAAP season, he finally showed what he is capable of for the National University.

Against University of the East, Rike went 8-of-11 from the field to rack up a double-double line of 17 points and 13 rebounds.

"It was great to end the season with a win obviously. The whole team and myself, we wish we had a better season but I think we have a lot of young guys and unfortunately I'm not gonna be part of it," said Rike.

Prior to this match, he was only averaging 5.5 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. To have his breakout performance in his last game was a bit unfortunate, but Rike said that there are no regrets.

"Honestly I wish I had a better season to be honest, if I could be technical about it, my average is seven and seven. I'm not that type of player, I was never gonna average 15 and 13 to be honest. I'm a role player, I try to help the team win. That's what I do so these games where I kinda go off just come randomly," Rike said.

"There should have been more of it and I should have been more consistent this year but I think it's almost good to end it the right way," added the Wake Forest University product.

Rike had a whirlwind experience in the UAAP off the court, and to him, it was mentally taxing.

"It was to be honest it was one of the most mentally tough years of my life. Just everything that happened, not knowing if I'm gonna play, the arrest, everything, it was really tough. I came in and I did alright in the first two games but then 'Oh I thought you were gonna play better' and all those stuff, and it really got into my head for the whole season," he explained.

He pointed those unfortunate experiences as the reason why he was not able to perform as well as he wanted to. But in the end, according to him, his life in NU was a great learning experience.

"I think no matter where I go in life, facing adversity, learning is gonna serve me well no matter what I do," added the Gilas cadet.

NU's Season 81 is over but Rike is still willing to take part in the team. He is studying Master of Computer Science and targets to finish the degree while still attending team practices.

"I'm a Bulldog for life so whatever I could do to help this team grow I'm gonna try to do it. Regardless I'll be around campus, I'll be with the team. Help these guys grow, I'm definitely gonna show up in practice and do what I can," he expressed.

After his UAAP stint, Rike is still weighing options on what his next basketball career move is. He is set to head back to the USA to spend time with his family and evaluate his options. For now, he wants the PBA D-League to be part of his choices.

"The deadline is in a couple of days for Fil-Foreigners so I put that in. That's definitely an option. I don't know 100-percent for sure what I'm gonna do but I wanna add that available to me," he said.


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