7 Facts about NU high-flyer Princess Robles

ABS-CBN Sports on Mar 02, 2019 10:33 PM
7 Facts about NU high-flyer Princess Robles
Let's get to know Cess Robles a little bit better. (File Photo)

Princess "Cess" Robles introduced herself to the UAAP and its fans by way of her sensational performance versus none other that the defending champion DLSU Lady Spikers last Wednesday.

The 19-year old hitter pummeled her way to a team-high 18 points in the NU Lady Bulldogs' gallant stand against La Salle. 

While NU lost, her high-flying and overpowering hits proved to be unforgettable enough to catapult her to everyone's must-watch players in UAAP season 81. 

Let's get to know Cess a little bit better. Here are nine facts.

Iloilo Pride

Princess Anne Robles was born on June 7, 1999, to parents Rodrigo and Rofelia. She hails from Iloilo City, following the footsteps of other proud Ilongga volleybelles such as Aby Marano, Gen Casugod, and Aiza Maizo-Pontillas, among others.

Favorite players

Robles clearly believes in loving your own, as she considers Lady Bulldog Risa Sato as one of her favorite players. 

Her other favorite player is Japanese Olympian Soari Kimura.

She lifts. A lot. 

Robles has attributed her hard hits and incredible hangtime to her training regimen that helped her lose weight. According to NU courtside reported Miguel Dypiangco, the open hitter can squat up to 160 kilograms, or over 352 pounds. Blockers, watch out. 

She's being compared to one of the greatest in recent UAAP memory

Does the name Manilla Santos ring a bell? 

Robles, at 5'3" has attracted comparisons to the 5'4" DLSU legend because of her ability to sky high and deliver offense, even with her pedestrian size.


If she wasn't a volleyball player, Robles would just be a normal student. Her interests include watching films and collecting her movie tickets. Her favorite film is the 2005 fantasy 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. And finally, her celebrity crush is JM De Guzman.

Ultimate Dream

Coming from a decorated program in the NU girl's volleyball team, Robles' ultimate dream is to win a championship in the seniors tournament. 

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