UAAP 81 Football: UP forfeits first win due protest because of procedural issues

Santino Honasan on Mar 21, 2019 05:04 PM
UAAP 81 Football: UP forfeits 1st win
Defending UAAP Men's Football Champions University of the Philippines will forfeit their first win of the season after the match was put under protest for procedural issues.

Defending champions University of the Philippines have forfeited their first win of the UAAP Season 81 Men's Football Tournament after their opponents National University filed a protest due to a what was called a procedural issue. 

The match, which was played last Thursday, February 28 at the FEU Diliman Football Field and was broadcasted live on ABS-CBN S+A, was UP's season debut, and they went on to win the match, 2-1. 

Prior to UP's final first round match on Thursday, March 21st, it was revealed during the pre-game segment that NU's protest had been accepted and that UP had one of their three wins overturned. 

Incoming UAAP Football Tournament Commissioner Rely San Agustin shed more light on the situation, explaining that the procedural issue was the Fighting Maroons failing to bring their IDs. 

The UP-NU match on February 28 2019 started off with an issue with the inspection of the uniforms. The Match Commissioner found out that the UP Football Team did not have their IDs. With that, that’s already an automatic default. Upon inspection kapag wala parin yung IDs, automatic default yun. It is already decided.

Now, the complexity of the issue was this is a TV match, so we were thinking of, for the betterment of the league, what’s going to happen if we do not play the match.

After the discussion with the former commissioner Ritchie Gannaban, they decided that they would play the match but on two conditions:

UP will be fined, but out of fair play and transparency, NU will be notified of the No IDs and
NU will have the option to either protest or not to protest the game.

The game went on, of course UP won that game, and NU, at the end, filed the protest.

A Notice of Sanction was given and UP had three days to appeal, which we felt that, after three days, nag-lapse yung period, and they did not appeal, so it was already decided.

NU sent a letter to the Executive Director of the UAAP to investigate the problem. Upon the recommendation of Atty. Rebo Saguisag, was to allow UP to explain or to reply to the Notice of Sanction.

So they did reply, and as I reviewed the documents, they were really more focused on the issue of the protest process, parang it wasn’t properly processed. But NU did sign the protest form, but when NU sent the letter, it wasn’t meant as a protest but as a clarification.

Upon my review as incoming commissioner in the middle of the tournament, I felt that the protest was to really clarify because of the complexity of the issue, na parang if this wasn’t a TV game, then we would have awarded it, but we were thinking about the general picture of it all, so we set conditions to it.

Given the documents that were sent that I have reviewed, it still doesn’t escape the fact that we have to stick to what was agreed upon. Both coaches agreed that they would play under those conditions, and it was actually communicated here with the organizing committee and the technical committee and everyone agreed on that.

San Agustin added that since the NU protest was accepted and the match was overturned, the fine imposed on UP was to be returned.

They paid the fine, tapos nag-protest si NU, na-overturn yung game, so we returned the fine. Nabayaran yung fine, pero we're just gonna give it back, because the decision of the automatic default came back and we stuck to it.

Because of the development, UP now ends the first round with two wins, one draw, and four losses for seven points. 

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