Five new Courtside Reporters set to debut in UAAP Season 82

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 29, 2019 12:56 PM
Five new Courtside Reporters set to debut in UAAP Season 82
Your UAAP Season 82 Courtside Reporters! (Not in picture: Makayla Chavez of UST)

Part of the excitement and the build-up to a brand new UAAP season is getting to meet a new batch of Courtside Reporters and for UAAP Season 82, five fresh new faces will be patrolling the sidelines! 

Meet the new Courtside Reporters for the coming UAAP season: 


Rain Matienzo - Adamson University

Reporting for the Adamson University will be Rain Matienzo, a third-year BA Broadcast Communication student from the University of the Philippines. 

"I really want to be a story-teller, it doesn't matter if I report for my school or not," says Rain. "I'm with Adamson, and they'll be getting someone who writes their stories great and someone who who writes their stories well."

"Drawing from last season's Courtside Reporter, Cor Catibayan, I want to continue the good work that she's done in Adamson," Rain added.

For Rain, making the cut in this year’s Courtside Reporter auditions was the product of a year’s worth of preparation after coming up short in last season’s auditions.

"It's a great feeling, especially when you know you worked hard for it. I had a year to prepare when I learned na hindi ako naka-pasok last year, so definitely, this time around, there's more fire in me to report well and tell the stories with a whole new perspective for the Adamson Soaring Falcons.”

Now officially on the sidelines for Adamson University, Rain promises to keep the Adamson community up to date as their Soaring Falcons contend for a title in Season 82.

“What I want the community to expect is for the team to continuously strive for victory, and in my reports, I will try to reflect that as much as I can.”


Mariz Domingo - Far Eastern University

Reporting for the Far Eastern University will be their very own Mariz Domingo, a second-year BS Tourism Management student.

A proud member of the student council in FEU, Mariz sees being a Courtside Reporter as a great way to expand her horizons and represent the green-and-gold even more.

“I’m a student leader in Far Eastern University, and I want to be able to engage in activities outside of school and I want to be able to represent FEU in so many other ways, kaya I tried auditioning for the UAAP Courtside Reporter job.”

While landing the Courtside Reporter gig is indeed an amazing opportunity, Mariz fully understands the pressure that comes with it, especially since she’ll be looking to continue the legacy of outstanding courtside reporting left by the ones that came before her.

“It feels exciting, but at the same time, it feels like I’m in a lot of pressure right now, because the the last two Courtside Reporters for FEU, Ganiel Krishnan and Sydney Crespo did a great, great job for FEU and now, I want to focus developing myself and how I can be on the court and in front of the camera.”

By the looks of it, Mariz is up to the challenge, and is looking to leave a lasting impression on the FEU community.

“Right now, I just want to tell the Green-and-Gold Community to expect a lot of things from me, kasi sosorpresahin ko sila!” “Kung paano kayo sosorpresahin ng teams, from basketball to volleyball, sosorpresahin ko din kayo.”


Baileys Acot - National University

Reporting for the National University will be Baileys Acot, a fourth-year Sports and Wellness Management student from the University of Santo Tomas.

A student athlete himself, being part of UST’s Track and Field Team, Baileys is usually the one being reported on, but this time around, he’ll be on the other side as he comes in as NU’s sideline story-teller. For Baileys, the spark that made him want to become a Courtside Reporter came from way back in 2006.

“It started way back in 2006 when I was watching UST vs. Ateneo, the Finals. I just saw the the crowd cheering for UST, half of the crowd was cheering for Ateneo, then, Boom [Gonzalez] was there, TJ [Manotoc] was there, and I was like, I just needed to be part of that.”

Thirteen years later, Baileys will be getting to live out a childhood dream.

“Right now, it’s not yet sinking in, it still feels surreal,” he expressed.

While he won’t be reporting for his own alma mater, Baileys promises to give his all for the NU community.

“The NU community can expect that I will give my 100 percent. I will give my 100 percent for them.”


Jaime Ascalon - University of the East

Reporting for the University of the East will be Jaime Ascalon, a third-year BS Tourism student from the University of the Philipines.

For Jaime, becoming a Courtside Reporter is the realization of something that his grandfather told him when he was just a kid.

“It all started when I was eight years old, and my Lolo used to take me to UP UAAP games, and I remember him telling me ‘One day, diyan ka sa court.’ I thought I was going to be a basketball player, but I guess God opened other doors, and it’s just the courage of chasing my dream, and there’s no regrets when you find the courage to chase your dream and just don’t think about anything else, you’re just trying hard and working for yourself.”

The season hasn’t started yet, and already, Jaime says that he has felt the love from the UE Community.

“I was in the UE Pep Rally, and sabi ko nga, I used to not believe in love at first sight, tapos dumating yung UE Community, and they welcomed me with - when I say open arms - as in the UE Pep, the basketball team, the staff, the athletic director, they made me feel welcome even though I’m not from UE, so I really hope that the UE Community supports not only their basketball teams and their volleyball teams, but also all the sports, and my part is to report for the different sports.”

For his part, Jaime says that he will surely give that love back.

“I’m sure that I’m going to give a lot of love to the UE Community and I’m always going to cheer for them in the end.”


Yani Mayo - University of the Philippines

Reporting for the University of the Philippines will be their very own Yani Mayo, a fourth-year BA Broadcast Communication student.

Yani admits that sports is a new field to her, but says that by becoming a Courtside Reporter she gets to do something that she loves, and thats sharing stories.

“I’m a story-teller. I love telling stories to other people, and I feel like sports is a different kind of field that I haven’t experienced yet, and as a Courtside Reporter, I want to be able to tell stories in a different way and in ways that I enjoy and I hope the audience and the community can enjoy as well.”

As a story-teller, Yani promises to be able to put the spotlight on what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of these student-athletes and the stories that people don’t necessarily get to see.

“Now that I’m in, it hasn’t sunken in yet for me, but the for the UP community, what they can expect is unique stories, stories about the athletes, stories about their student life, their experiences and their struggles as well, because this is the avenue for student athletes to shine and I want to give justice to all of those stories, so, abangan!“

Along with the new faces are some familiar ones who are coming back for their second season as UAAP Courtside Reporters! Ateneo de Manila University's Frannie Reyes, De La Salle Univeristy's Aiyana Perlas, and University of Santo Tomas' Makyla Chavez are all returning to the sidelines for their respective schools.

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